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Information Disclosure and Privacy Policy

ExpressTime Solutions Privacy Policy ExpressInspections, ExpressTime Mobile, and ExpressTime Kiosk Apps for Android and Apple exist for the purpose of giving users the ability to use Apps to clock-in/out for work, view schedules, order supplies, request time off, apply for an open shift, and/or change address, etc... In order to use the clock-in/out features, ExpressTime requires the user to share pertinent and precise location information to provide employer with employee’s location while clocked in. The Apps use background location services to facilitate a safe work environment with the sharing of a user’s precise location while clocked in. This will facilitate a way of finding the employee quickly be located in the event of an emergency/disaster event. Finding one’s employees is of paramount concern during an emergency and can be accomplished whenever the user has shared their location within the App. The App transmits the user’s location so their employer may bring up the user’s location using Google or Apple Maps and either locate the employee themselves or provide emergency workers the last known location to help facilitate safe recovery of the employee. By checking “I Agree”, the user grants the Company the rights to transmit the location from their device to our cloud-based servers. The information is stored securely and only made available to the Employer in relation to the activities performed by the User while using the App. While the App uses location updates on a frequent basis, the Company only stores limited transactions while the user is clocked into the ExpressTime Mobile App. Furthermore, information related to, but not limited to device type, employee information, name, address, city, state, zip, and phone numbers may be collected from a user, who decides to share that information. The transmitted information is sent to the Company Cloud environment. The appropriate information may be accessed within the ExpressTime DataManager Application in real-time. Data submitted to the Company through the Apps listed above may be used by Employer and/or Third-Party representatives, who use the data to provide analytics back to the Employer on user Demographics, Device Usage, Location Services, Personal data that has changed are all parts of what we have been provided by the Employees. This data is not/and should not be sold without the express written consent of the user. Additional Privacy statement and disclaimers may be found at "https://www.expresstime.net/privacystatement.html"

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