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Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Inspection Software

Easily customizable inspections Build a large inspection in just minutes Completed inspection creates a report and emails into an easy to read format
Multiple grading scales to choose from Photos and notes can be attached to each inspection point View and edit past/completed inspections from anywhere
Quick setup with pre-made templates Monitoring of trends with multiple reports All real-time information
Schedule an inspection in the office in advance or on the go, or on the job from your mobile device Retrain staff based on results You can perform inspections without internet access
Monitor Status of Inspections (past due, in progress, Incomplete) A signature is required to complete an inspection Detailed Reports
Never lose an inspection because of dead battery, signal & connection loss Schedule a Demo

Janitorial Inspection Software and mobile app allows you to take a proactive approach

A proper cleaning inspection process demonstrates that you are proactive and doing what you were hired to do, which is to provide high-quality cleaning. It demonstrates respect for your client's time and ensures they are getting optimum value for their cleaning dollars.

Inspections are important as they allow you to: listen to the concerns of workers and supervisors, gain further understanding of jobs and tasks, and identify existing and potential hazards. Continue below to read more about the benefits of performing Inspections by industry

Inspections for Facilities and Lawn and Landscape Management

Manicured lawns, weed free flower beds and trimmed hedges are all a recipe for happy clients.

Express Inspections allows supervisors and managers to take ownership of the project, take a proactive approach to finding and correcting errors ahead of property walks as well as seamless integration with Express Communications for open lines of communication with clients. Read more

Inspections for Pool Routes, HOA and Security companies

Home owner associations are held to community standards by thousands of residents. Walking trails, playgrounds, pools, workout facilities and many more amenities throughout. Ensuring that all of these moving parts are clean and in good working order keeps the community happy and injury free. Further, the residents remain happy and less likely to want to move to another subdivision!

Apartment complexes, property management, medium-large companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees employ private security to ensure the area is safe. ExpressInspections has the ability to reveal locks, doors, lighting, or specific situations that may be in disrepair or non working order in need of attention. Even more, all of this can be communicated, planned, and assigned through ExpressCommunications.