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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest ExpressTime Version released?

As of March 2021 the latest version of ExpressTime released is 2021.0003

I need help! Does ExpressTime offer technical Support?

While our spectrum of products is designed to be user friendly and easy to use, Technical support is a vital part of any software product. Our staff stands ready to assist you in your endeavors to manage your business more effectively and to help you along the way as you dive deeper into the rich features the product offers.

How do I configure the settings of the iOS mobile app to clock in & out?

View configuration settings

Download configuration settings

Can I still receive Support if I'm a StandAlone customer?

ExpressTime Solutions offers an Annual Support program for StandAlone customers that is reasonably priced, and unlike many other software products, updates are included in the Annual Support fee. Our ExpressTime Online customers receive support as part of the monthly access fees.

Are updates included in my monthly access fee?

Downloads of our updates are included in the support or access fees

Will ExpressTime provide support for 3rd party products?

While we may provide recommended settings for the Windows operating systems, we cannot provide support for 3rd party products including operating systems, network components and hardware. Please refer to an onsite computer technician for support pertaining to operating your computer(s).

Does ExpressTime offer after hours support?

If an emergency arises, a member of the ExpressTime Team may be reached through the answering service.

How do I put ExpressTime on a new computer?

If you are having problems installing one of our products, make sure you review the installation guide and help system. It is recommended that new installations be done by an onsite technician, preferably during our office hours in case questions arise that your technician needs to discuss with us.

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